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Breakfast & Dessert Breads
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About Our Breads

We love our Breakfast and Dessert Breads!

We have an excellent selection of delectable, decadent breads to choose from and each loaf is prepared and baked in a 100% gluten-free environment. In addition to being gluten-free,  our breads are all-natural, homemade, and freshly baked when ordered.

Try them all including our newest: Tennessee Whiskey Raisin Bread or any of our other delicious breads if you haven't already: Rich Lemon Blueberry, Red Cherry Pecan Kahlua, Banana Cranberry Black Walnut, Almond Poppy Seed, and Mandy White Walnut Pine.

Our Specialities

Tennessee Whisky
Raisin Bread

Tennessee Whisky Raisin Bread

This bread is pretty special thanks to my business partner. It's a smooth taste unlike what you might think. It's really rich and bold, it melts in your mouth, and as it melts you get that southern sweet whiskey taste as it goes down. When you think you've captured the taste, you bite into a , coffee, raisin combination. As I said, this bread is very unique and it's soooooo good!


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We deliver within the 37075 zip code only.

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