About Us

We love our gluten-free Breads. 


Yum Yum Try Some!

Our gluten free bakery business was born out of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Having to shelter in place with no outside social interactions even with certain family members and friends. Most eateries were closed with the exception of curbside pick up, minimal shopping for food items was a factor as well.


As time passed and the pandemic worsened, the effects led me to needing and craving the “comfort” foods. Having gone gluten free in 2012 and learning to bake basic foods for myself and family, I decided to try some creative gluten free baking.


Out of boredom of the the same old breads and the need for the yummy comfort foods, my creativity began. My business partner and I shared the breads with a few family members and friends via drop off or shipping. Everyone was delighted, raved and declared how delicious they were, gave us some awesome accolades and could hardly believe the breads were gluten free with no artificial flavors, non-GMO, all natural with mostly organic ingredients. Some also suggested sharing the breads with others in similar predicaments due to the pandemic. After doing extensive research, reading, asking questions and of course being prayerful, my business partner and I said “YES”


For a few days we scribbled down, called out and pondered a name and during an outdoor trail walk, we called out one that sounded appealing and very descriptive of our breads. We both said “YES” to the name. My business partner almost immediately went on line and captured the name for the website. After a few legalities and a few obstructive checkpoints, being very meticulous in our decisions, we began building the website and were on our way with the birthing of our “Yum Yum GF Bread Company”. 

Our Story

Linda - Owner & Chief Baker

As a kid, I grew up on a farm and the abundance of our foods were organically grown, grass fed, free range and non processed. We always got lots of sunlight, fresh air, fresh water, exercise and sleep. 


Many years later having moved to the city and getting older, I decided to return somewhat to my roots after recalling that we were never ill or complained of basics  like headaches etc.. Although remaining health conscious over the years, I developed little noticeable ailments that did not improve. After much reading and research, I decided to stop eating glutens. After about a week, I noticed a cessation of certain symptoms. After about 6 weeks none of the ailments were noticeably present.


Since going gluten free in late 2012, I’ve unknowingly eaten it 3 or 4 times but absolutely realized it within an hour of eating it.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not recommending that anyone go gluten free. This is my story and reasons for my decision and why I learned to bake these decadent, all natural gluten free breakfast and dessert breads. I know you will love and enjoy them as much as we do whether you’re gluten free or not gluten free.


Michael - Owner & Operations 

Michael Coleman oversees the operations for the Yum Yum Gluten Free Bread Company. Michael has hands on experience in the food industry working with his father, one of the early pioneers of hot spicy chicken at their family owned East Nashville restaurant named "Lebeaus".


Michael values gluten-free foods and the health and nutritional benefits they provide. "What I really like about our breads is that they offer all the benefits of being 100% gluten-free and the taste is amazing!" says Michael.

Michael's background includes over 25 years of information technology, web startup and business consulting  experiences with leading IT/telecom, government sector and healthcare companies. He enjoys the opportunity to work in both the food and technology space.


Michael enjoys drumming, hiking, biking, exploring new restaurants and good jazz music.